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Dear customers,

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Welcome at the historic cabinetmaker, Dušan Lachman.

What does this profession mean?

This is quite unique work which is connected with many branches and doesn’t have parallels among crafts.

Craftsmanship is very important for work with many different kinds of materials used in furniture production. Except wood of different kinds and rigidity; these are bones, pearl, ivory, irons, colours and decorations.

A repairer of furniture must know different types of techniques; for example constructions, finishes and finishing of surfaces. All these is very complicated and years of training are necessary for good performance. Although large parts of carvings and inlays can be added, it is necessary to know not only important artistic features of different parts of historic periods, but also furniture designs of this age. A repairer must be good at ironcraft  painting, carving and he must know much more than what can be seen for the first sight. He cannot make this type of work individually. Some procedures are consulted with specialists and historians who are also involved into reparation.

In this way huge amount of different furniture and articles have been repaired and many customers have been satisfied.