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Protection of antique part of furniture is different from modern furniture.
Unsuitable placement or unauthorised maintenance can cause serious damages.

Using original technology of production and natural materials, which is used during its production, the reparation would not disturb the historical visual aspect and as a consequence the value of your furniture

Let me offer you following services:

Recommendation of possible methods which can prevent damages of the furniture by unsuitable placement, unauthorised reparation or conservation.

In case of the reparation or conservation it is not possible in customer’s house.

List of procedures which awerts a demages of your furniture through wood pets or another influences. Preventive conservation against pests is possible to be provided directly in customer’s house. the most effective protection against pets is the conservation by irradiation but it is necessary to make it in specialised workshop to provide maximum efficiency.

Reparation of antique furniture
Is made according to agreement with customer and after professional introductory. On customer’s wish it is possible to make particular reparation or replica. A building units can be repared, too.